Media appearances

The Al-Akhbar newspaper reporting Mahmoud Ghazayel’s post on finding out that MTV tv station has shared a false image with the readers

Mahmoud Ghazayel, in the “Special Report – تقرير خاص” program on “Al Hurra” tv station, presented by Sayed Yusuf entitled “Fictional News: Victims and Goals”, published on January 5 2017.

Media appearance of “POW – Photos Of the Week” website, run by Mahmoud Ghazayel in “Btehla AlHayat – بتحلى الحياة” program, presented by Ralph Aoun, on “LBC” tv station, run on February 3 2016.

Mahmoud Ghazayel talking during a workshop on art criticism, in the AUL university. ( @aul_activities / Twitter)
Mahmoud Ghazayel giving a training on blogging and the importance of giving credit to sources, in a workshop by "Social Media's PACE", September 2013 in Beirut, Lebanon. (AbdelRahman Orabi)

Mahmoud Ghazayel appearing on “Alam Al Sabah – عالم الصباح” program on “Future” tv station, presented by Ali Chehade , discussing the effect of spreading false information online and how to tackle it correctly, run on May 27 2017.

A news report by the “LBC” tv station, showing Mahmoud Ghazayel’s replies to an advertising campaign run by “Touch” telecom company, depicting the dreams of lebanese “in my new world”.

Mahmoud Ghazayel showing his photographs during a photo exhibit by ZAMAN NGO, on December 2014, in Beirut, Lebanon.
Mahmoud Ghazayel giving a workshop on “Social Media and journalism” in the AUB university, on December 17 2011. (SMEX)

A media appearance for Mahmoud Ghazayel on “Sat7” tv channel, during a “Nota ala el Sater – نقطة على السطر” program entitled “Cyber war” to talk about UGC of fake news, run on  October 2014.