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Mahmoud Ghazayel (Arabic: محمود غزيّل), I’m a graduate from the Lebanese University with a degree in Journalism, currently working with the leading arabic news website in the GCC region, 24 Media (www.24.ae).

I’m widely known for my knowledge and skills in verifying user generated content, handling Social media accounts and internet comprehension, along with my expertise in journalism and news compilation.

I believe that the future of journalism should twist the method of writing that was brought up by, taking in consideration the industry shifts incubated by the Internet, specifically: consumption, distribution, and commercialization.

I also seek to change the way the news appears to the public by using the convergence of communication, media, user interaction design, technology, Internet architecture, and the social web as whole.

Therefore, I am constantly seeking to develop my skills in photography / videography / social media / journalism and all that would help in making my career go faster, smoother and better.

Nevertheless, for me the term journalism combines different aspects of the media including video capturing, video editing, photo shooting, and the power of “fixing” images additionally social media and the different aspect of it.

Furthermore, with the skills that I have been able to develop, I consider myself one of the few journalists in Lebanon and from the Arab world that are interested in fact checking content published by media outlets and by the masses on social media.

Hence, I launched several campaigns about fact checking, mainly in Lebanon (The Alternative ministry of Media, Taakad, etc..), and worked with several local and international NGOs and institutions in the same field (Meedan, SMEX, Annahar, UNESCO, MiCT, ..) , along with Al Jazeera network and several Lebanese Universities (AUST, UL, AUB, LAU, etc..)

NameMahmoud Ghazayel
Email[email protected]
AddressAbu Dhabi / Beirut
  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Video Editing (Sony Vegas)

  • HTML

  • Photography

  • Responsible

  • Multitasking

  • Creative




Handle content from Arabic to English and vice versa with the ability to deal with French also.

Social media manager

Operate with all sort of platforms to create, design and publish content.


Edit and proofread English and Arabic content

Fact Checker

Regionally accredited to verify user generated content (UGC), and examin media content.

Finding The Truth Amongst The Fakes

I contributed to Al Jazeera Media Institute guide, published in March 2017, on social newsgathering and news verification that focuses on the work and lessons learned by Arab journalists and journalists with significant experience in the region.

  • Arabic

  • English

  • French

  • Fact checking

  • Social media integration

  • CMS



24 Media Website // Abu Dhabi

March 2014 - Current

Support 24 Media studies’s strategy for media coverage in UAE and around the region. || Provide translations from English into Arabic to contents and articles. || Assist with projects of other media forms such as short videos, and infographics. || Edit and proofread site content. || Researches, and monitors a variety of sources including electronic, websites and individual contacts, to create the appropriate content for readers. || Experience publishing high volumes of content in a fast-paced publishing environment. || SEO and keyword optimization. || Produce videos that highlight false information being shared and wrongly reported news.

Al-Hayat Newspaper // Beirut

February 2013 - March 2014

Work with Editor-in-Chief to ensure all content reflects overall editorial strategy. || Experience publishing high volumes of content in a fast-paced publishing environment. || Develop content for the arabic audience and readers around the globe. || Create original, high-quality, compelling Arabic content designed to stimulate and engage target audiences across multiple platforms.

Elnashra Website // Beirut

May 2012 - February 2013

Monitor a variety of sources related to the music industry. || Create and publish the appropriate content for the art and entertainment section of the website. || Connect with various reporters inside and outside of Lebanon to report the most compelling news for readers.

Future Movement Political Party // Beirut

September 2008 - September 2012

Report activities implemented by different bodies of the political party. || Edit site content to handle political messages and deliver it in the most unsophisticated way. || Publish a daily review of local and international publications. || Handle social media platform.


Power Searching with Google


Improving Google search skills by learning tips and tricks to become a fast and effective fact-finder.

M.A in Professional Journalism


Lebanese University, Faculty of Media (in progress)

Adobe Photoshop


New Horizons Computer Training & Certification, Beirut - Lebanon.

Bachelor in written journalism


Lebanese University, Faculty of Media