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Mahmoud Ghazayel

I am a fact checker.


LBC | طلبات توظيف وهمية هدفها السرقة… كيف نكشفها؟

-- Short discussion with Maya Eid from LBCI on how to spot fake job applications

AUCFJP2021 | Professional Diploma in Health and Medical Journalism

-- An educational program by the American University in Cairo and the Facebook Journalism Project

RightsCon | The role of MENA Fact-checking platforms in curbing online hate speech and violence

-- A RightsCon session joined by 4 panellists from Palestine (Kashef) Riham Abu Aita, Syria (Verify) Ahmad Primo, Iraq (Tech4Peace) Bahar Jasim and Lebanon (independent) Mahmoud Ghazayel

AUCFJP2021 | AUC Digital Media Diploma 2021

-- "The mechanisms of verifying information" Program through the Kamal Adham Center for Television and Digital Journalism at the American University in Cairo and the Facebook Journalism Project

Adwa2 – Check your facts | من فاطمة الجبوري؟

-- A joint project between Mahmoud Ghazayel and Mohamad Mekawi with Adwa2 tackling apparently Iranian disinformation targeting slain Lebanese activist Lokman Slim

االنشرة | تطبيق “كلوب هاوس”… هل ستتمكن الحكومات العربيّة من إحكام سيطرتها على الفضاء الرقمي؟

--- An interview by Samaya Jaber regarding the wave of censorship hitting the Clubhouse app

7amleh | How to Double-Check Fake News?

--- Mahmoud Ghazayel giving a workshop on "How to double-check Fake News" as part of "7amleh" event of the "Palestine Digital Activism Form" moderated by Baker Mohammad Abd Alhaq from Kashef

الميادين | كيف استجابت وسائل الإعلام لـ”الوباء المعلوماتي”؟

-- How did the media respond to the "information epidemic" during COVID-19 ?

تشرين | ورشة عمل حول استراتيجيات مكافحة الأخبار الزائفة

-- The Syrian daily "Tishreen" newspaper reporting on training sessions given by Mahmoud Ghazayel on news verification

الجديد | الأسباب التي تدفع اللبنانيين للخوف من لقاحات كورونا

-- Milad Hadchiti discussing with Mahmoud Ghazayel the effect of False information in the infodemic world that is pushing people away from COVID19 vaccination.

أساس ميديا | فيروس”فايك نيوز” أسوأ من كورونا

-- Mahmoud Ghazayel discussing with Nissrine Merheb from "Asas Media" on why fake news spreads like wildfire.

Lebanese Transparency Association | الشفافية تقضي على الأخبار الكاذبة

-- Mahmoud Ghazayel talking about the importance of transparency in combatting false information with the "Lebanese Transparency Association"

الجديد | كيف يمكن مكافحة الأخبار الكاذبة؟

--- Discussing "Fake news" during "Hona Beirut" program on AL Jadeed TV with Rachel Karam

حدوته الإعلامية | الرسالة الإعلامية..آفاق وتحديات

--- A speaker in the first scout convention for "Hadouta Media"

AUC | What is Fake News?

-- A training webinar part of the PDP program offered by the Kamal Adham Center for Television and Digital Journalism at The American University in Cairo.

أحوال ميديا | الجرائم الإلكترونية في ظل كورونا

-- An interview made by Mary Hosry with Mahmoud Ghazayel regarding cybersecurity during the COVID era

الجديد | كيفية الحماية من ابتزاز منصات التواصل الإجتماعي

-- TV presenter Milad Hadchiti interviewing Mahmoud Ghazayel on how to protect ourselves against social media blackmail

شرطي سير بجانب باص يحمل مسافرين بعد وصولهم إلى مطار رفيق الحريري في بيروت، لبنان (أ ب)

SMEX | COVID-19 Fake News in Lebanon: Who Is Responsible?

-- An article tackling the chaos of COVID-19 misinformation in Lebanon

Adwa2 | Disinformation Case Study: Beirut Blast

-- Mahmoud Ghazayel tackles the disinformation and unsubstantiated rumors that circulated after the 4th August 2020 Beirut Blast

UNDP | Simple tools that enable anyone to uncover fabricated information

-- Article published by UNDP regarding false information during COVID-19 and Beirut Blast

الجديد | هناك بعض الأطراف لديها هدف من نشر المعلومات الخاطئة في لبنان

-- TV presenter Milad Hadchiti interviewing Mahmoud Ghazayel regarding misinformation in Lebanon

مهارات | مبادرات فردية تتصدى للأخبار الكاذبة حول كورونا

-- An interview with Maharat Magazine on Mahmoud Ghazayel initiative to combat Fake News about COVID19

الحرّة | الحرة تتحرى.. سباق التسلح الإلكتروني

-- An interview with Al-Hurra TV discussing electronic arms race in the region

SMEX | ما هو الخبر المغلوط وكيف نتحقق من صحّته

-- A discussion on the sidelines of a Bread & Net conference with SMEX

DARAJ | لبنان والفيديوات المضللة: تصرّف عفوي أم فعل منظّم؟

-- Some insights shared with Daraj's Miryam Swaidan regarding the recycle of old videos as up-to-date news.

Griffin Leadership | Social media responsibility in an age of disinformation

-- An online session by Griffin Leadership

المدن | وسائل الاعلام تنكفئ و”المجموعات” تؤجج الشارع: MTV ضحية “واتسآب”

-- Al Modon shedding light on my discovery on a re-used old video that fueled some sectarian tensions in Beirut

KAICIID | combatting fake news on social media in times of crisis

-- Webinar with KAICIID on confronting fake news and disinformation in the Arab Region during COVID-19

WIRED | Lies, damned lies, and Big Tech: the dizzying rise of disinformation in the Middle East

-- A discussion with LAURA MACKENZIE from Wired magazine on the efforts of big tech companies to fight disinformation in the middle east

الأنباء | الأزمات أرض خصبة للفايك نيوز: اتركوا مساحة للعقل والمنطق والتحليل

-- Joelle Riachi from Al Anbaa newspaper interviewing me on the infodemic of COVID-19 coronavirus

SkyNewsArabia | الكذب في زمن كورونا… | #حوار بلس

-- حوار مع مهند الخطيب حول الكاذب المنتشر مع جائحة كورونا

العربي الجديد | “ضحايا” الأخبار الزائفة في لبنان يتأثرون نفسياً

-- The New Arab report on the psychological effect of false news related to Coronavirus --

مونت كارلو الدولية | كيفية مواجهة الوباء المعلوماتي في زمن كورونا

-- Nayla Salibi discussing with Ghazayel the infodemic that has been generated in the era of COVID19

العربي الجديد | اختراق موقع قناة “اللبنانية للإرسال” وتسريب بياناته

-- The New Arab reported the hack of LBCI's website --

MTV | خبر كاذب حول كورونا في لبنان

-- MTV report on a hoax that people receiving parcels are put at risk of contracting the Coronavirus --

The New Arab | Iranian news agency publishes fake photos of attack on US base

-- The New Arab referring to the reveal of false video usage by the Iranian news agency.

مونت كارلو الدولية | الأخبار المضللة في أحداث لبنان تجتاح واتساب والمنصات الاجتماعية والإعلام التقليدي

-- Nayla Salibi discussing with Ghazayel how False News is spreading during Lebanon demonstrations #لبنان_ينتفض

Media Diversity Institute | Are Anti-Corruption Protests in Lebanon and Iraq Raising New Awareness About Disinformation?

-- Anna Lekas Miller talks about initiatives to stymy the spread of false news since the protests began

الأخبار | «#لبنان_يغرق»… لكن آلة الصرف فرنسية!

-- Al-Akhbar newspaper mentions my correction of a picture circulating during the flooding of water in the streets of Lebanon

The New Arab | Lebanon’s social media looks like the Wild West

-- Gaia Caramazza reporting on how people are starting to take the role of online sheriffs into their own hands to combat false information.

Spiegel | So kämpfen junge Libanesen gegen Fake News

- Germany's Spiegel emphasizing on the problem of false information spreading through social media before reaching TV station

SMEX | Bread&Net 2019: A Digital Rights Revolution

-- Abed Kataya from SMEX on my participation in the Bread&Net conference

(The Daily Star/Mohamad Azakir)

The Daily Star | Beating back the flames of fake news in protest-era Lebanon

-- Article written by Nick Newsom discussing False news after 17 Oct revolution

Scary Momo demon with big eyes and wide smile for halloween holliday. call Momo monster. Vector illustration EPS10 — Vector by Pro_Vector

العربي الجديد | “مومو”..خدعة أطلقها بالغون وصدقوها

-- Article written by Omar Kaskas discussing the Momo craze

المشهدية على برنامج الميادين

“الميادين” | لبنان يؤجر بحره إلى السويد

-- A quick interview on Al Mayadeen tv, with the presenter of “Al Mashhadiya” program, Lana Medawar, regarding the spread of fake news.

قناة “الجديد” | وضع الشتلة

-- Al Jadeed Tv picking up the trending image of the dying plant inside the ministry of environment.

trt plant

“TRT” | البيئة في البيئة غير ملائمة

- Turkish tv "TRTعربي" highlighting my post about the dead plant of the ministry of environment.

plant mtv

قناة “أم تي في” | شتلة وزارة البيئة

-- MTV referencing my post about the dying plant inside the ministry of environment

Fireworks explode over downtown Beirut, Lebanon, during New Year's celebrations on January 1, 2019. (Photo by Anwar AMRO / AFP)

ليبانون آي دي | احتفالية بيروت التي لم تحصل على المركز السابع

-- Lebanon ID reporting false claims that Beirut NYE 2019 celebration was one of the best in the world.

فايس | أخبار مفبركة شهدها العالم العربي خلال عام 2018

-- VICE referring to my published reports on false information shared in 2018

Mtv lebanon - Jerry Ghazal

قناة “أم تي في” | قصة محبس بشير الجميّل

-- MTV mentioning my efforts in debunking a widespread hoax concerning the identification of the body of #Lebanon's president Bachir Gemayel after his assassination

Mtv lebanon

قناة “أم تي في” | ما حقيقة هوية هذا الجندي؟

-- MTV mentioning my revelation, on an image shared by FPM, regarding the Lebanese army


Presenting Fact Checking at the YLVP

-- Talking about myself as a journalist and a “Fact Checker” during the 2018 YLVP program run by the Svenska institutet, in Stockholm.

قناة “أم تي في” | فايك نيوز: أخبارٌ مركبة ومُعجزات سياسية

-- A special news report on MTV, by reporter Ralf Doumit, entitled “Fake news: the disease of the century”

فرانس 24 | من أين أتى تحدي الدبكة… بالرقص على الجدران؟

-- A collaboration with "France24"'s "Observers" program, to verify the viral "dabke challenge" origins

سكاي نيوز العربية | رغم تعديل الخطأ.. “قرود عون” تتصدر المشهد في لبنان

-- Sky News Arabia referring to my work in verifying a presidential "slip of a tongue"

إذاعة مونت كارلو الدولية | بودكاست: تأثير المنصات الاجتماعية على الانتخابات

-- A podcast interview tackling the effect of social media on electoral campaigns in Lebanon.

قناة “الحرة” | حالات موت وانتحار بسبب ألعاب إلكترونية

-- A guest on Al Hurra tv's "Special Report" presented by Seid Youssef

قناة “سات 7” | تقرير عن “الحرب السيبرانية”

-- A special tv report on “Sat7” entitled “Cyberwar”

Mahmoud Ghazayel giving a workshop on “Social Media and journalism” in the AUB university, on December 17 2011. (SMEX)

Workshop on “Social Media & Journalism”

-- A workshop in the AUB university, led by SMEX NGO

Mahmoud Ghazayel showing his photographs during a photo exhibit by ZAMAN NGO, on December 2014, in Beirut, Lebanon.

Photo Exhibit | “Beirut in memory”

-- Showcasing my photographs during an art exhibition by "Zaman" NGO, in Beirut.

قناة “المستقبل” | فيسبوك يحمي المستخدمين من الأخبار الكاذبة

-- A guest on Future tv's "Alam Al Sabah" with presenter Ali Chehade.

Mahmoud Ghazayel giving a training on blogging and the importance of giving credit to sources, in a workshop by "Social Media's PACE", September 2013 in Beirut, Lebanon. (AbdelRahman Orabi)

“The importance of citations” in blogging

-- During a workshop led by "Social Media's PACE", September 2013 in Beirut, Lebanon.

Mahmoud Ghazayel talking during a workshop on art criticism, in the AUL university. ( @aul_activities / Twitter)

Discussion on art criticism, in AUL University, Lebanon

- During a workshop on art criticism, in the AUL university. ( @aul_activities / Twitter)

أل بي سي | بتحلى الحياة – فقرة السوشيل ميديا مع رالف عون

-- LBC Presenter, Ralph Aoun, mentions POW, my blog, on “Bte7la Elhayet” program.

قناة الحرة | برنامج “تقرير خاص”: الأخبار المفبركة: ضحايا وأهداف

-- A guest on a show on “Al Hurra” tv, entitled “Fictional News: Victims and Goals”

صحيفة الأخبار | تفجير صيدا: “أم تي في” في فخّ الصور المغلوطة

-- The Al-Akhbar newspaper reporting on my findings that MTV tv station has shared a false image with the readers.



September 2020 – Current

Radio segment presenter

VDL (صوت كل لبنان) 

I present a daily segment titled “Fake Not Fake” that tackles false information being shared among Lebanese, part of the “بونجورين مع زافين” radio program with radio host Zaven Kouyoumdjian.

July 2019 – Current

Watchdog Editor

Samir Kassir Foundation 

I work on monitoring the content of media outlets, and later on, verifying the information being broadcasted.

March 2014 – Current


I’m currently working for 24 Media Studies, constantly exploring Abu Dhabi and the entire UAE while editing news content and busting some misinformation online.

February 2013 – March 2013


Al Hayat pan-Arab newspaper

From the newspaper’s offices in Beirut, It was a short and nice experience to handle journalistic tasks, that differ from the printed version of the widely distributed newspaper, by maintaining high-quality, compelling Arabic contents for online readers.

May 2012 – February 2013

Reporter / Editor

El Nashra

A breath of fresh air, and a new personal adventure, by moving away from political events and news. For almost a year before moving toward a better opportunity, working with El Nashra was based on cultural events, latest fashion trends, hit albums, fashionistas, and art.

September 2008 – May 2012

Editor / Journalist

Almustaqbal / Future Movement

While simultaneously attending university classes, working with “Almustaqbal” political party, the media sector, has been an eye-opener to the real world of journalism, apart from what we are tough in university.



Master’s degree in professional journalism

Lebanese University

After completing most of the curriculum, I had to stop maintaining my studies because of several factors including political problems in Lebanon and personal issues. And now completing my master’s degree is an everlasting goal I tend to accomplish one day.


Written Journalism

Lebanese University

I got my Bachelor’s Degree at the Lebanese University, faculty of media. I was hooked on journalism and creating multimedia content, apart from just writing paragraphs, I loved what I did.



I contributed to Al Jazeera Media Institute guide, published in March 2017, on social newsgathering and news verification that focuses on the work and lessons learned by Arab journalists and journalists with significant experience in the region.

Finding The Truth Amongst The Fakes
دليل معهد الجـزيـرة للإعلام: البحث عن الحقيقة في كومة الأخبار الكاذبة

Desgin Skills

Adobe Photoshop

Video Editing (Vegas Pro)



Language Skills




Interested in a full CV?

My official CV 

About me


MAHMOUD GHAZAYEL – محمود غزيّل


I’m a graduate with a degree in Journalism from the Lebanese University, currently working with the leading Arabic news website in the GCC region, 24 Media (, in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

I’m widely known for my knowledge and skills in verifying user-generated content, and internet comprehension, along with my expertise in journalism and news compilation.

I believe that the future of journalism should bend the method of traditional writing, taking into consideration the industry shifts incubated by the Internet, specifically: consumption, distribution, and commercialization.

I also seek to change the way the news appears to the public by using the convergence of communication, media, user interaction design, technology, Internet architecture, and the social web.

Therefore, I am constantly seeking to develop my skills in photography / videography / social media / journalism and all that helps in making my career go faster, smoother and better.

Nevertheless, for me, the term journalism combines different aspects of the media including writing, video capturing, video editing, photo shooting, in addition to internet comprehension and the differences of what the current internet tools and means offers.

Furthermore, with the skills that I have been able to develop, I consider myself one of the few journalists in Lebanon and the Arab world that are involved in fact-checking news published by media outlets and by the masses on the internet, all by using OSINT (open-source intelligence).

Hence, I launched several campaigns about fact-checking, mainly in Lebanon, and worked with numerous international NGOs and institutions and universities in training their members and giving out seminars.
I have as well co-published with the Al-Jazeera Media institute a guide on social newsgathering and news verification.

What I am capable of


I write, re-write and proofread content, mainly in Arabic.


I can translate from Arabic to English and vice versa with the ability to deal with French as well.


I’m regionally accredited to verify user-generated content (UGC) and examine media content.

Companies I work / -ed for