Hi, I’m Mahmoud Ghazayel
a Fact Checker.

I'm a journalist and social entrepreneur originally from Lebanon, now based in the dynamic environment of the UAE. My hobbies revolve around two critical objectives: combating misinformation and bolstering cybersecurity.


What I Do

News Editor

Crafting headlines sharper than a katana and weaving stories more gripping than a thriller - I'm the editorial maestro who turns words into weapons of mass engagement


Fluent in the universal languages of news: bridging worlds with seamless translations from diverse languages to Arabic or English. Breaking barriers, one headline at a time.

Fact Checker

Dispelling fake news faster than a rumor can spread in a crowded room – I'm the Arabic fact-checking maestro, revealing truth in a world of fiction.


Unleashing potential, one power-packed session at a time. I charge up minds and ignite transformations with electrifying content that sparks action!


Master of the digital jungle, wielding Google like a mighty sword to cut through the thicket of ignorance and unearth the hidden treasures of knowledge.

Public Speaker

Crafting slideshows symphonies that orchestrate understanding and elevate ideas, I transform information into captivating journeys. Minds are enlightened and perceptions reshaped.

the fruits of my labor

My portfolio


Finding the Truth Amongst the Fakes​

This book was co-authored by Mahmoud Ghazayel. It focuses on newsgathering and news verification in the context of social media, a crucial topic in our modern age.
The book underscores the complex challenges in separating fact from fiction, especially on digital platforms. It also shares invaluable insights on the nuances unique to Arab newsrooms.

The book was published by Al Jazeera Media Institute in March 2017.

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