About me


MAHMOUD GHAZAYEL – محمود غزيّل


I’m a graduate with a degree in Journalism from the Lebanese University, currently working with the leading Arabic news website in the GCC region, 24 Media (www.24.ae), in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

I’m widely known for my knowledge and skills in verifying user-generated content, and internet comprehension, along with my expertise in journalism and news compilation.

I believe that the future of journalism should bend the method of traditional writing, taking into consideration the industry shifts incubated by the Internet, specifically: consumption, distribution, and commercialization.

I also seek to change the way the news appears to the public by using the convergence of communication, media, user interaction design, technology, Internet architecture, and the social web.

Therefore, I am constantly seeking to develop my skills in photography / videography / social media / journalism and all that helps in making my career go faster, smoother and better.

Nevertheless, for me, the term journalism combines different aspects of the media including writing, video capturing, video editing, photo shooting, in addition to internet comprehension and the differences of what the current internet tools and means offers.

Furthermore, with the skills that I have been able to develop, I consider myself one of the few journalists in Lebanon and the Arab world that are involved in fact-checking news published by media outlets and by the masses on the internet, all by using OSINT (open-source intelligence).

Hence, I launched several campaigns about fact-checking, mainly in Lebanon, and worked with numerous international NGOs and institutions and universities in training their members and giving out seminars.
I have as well co-published with the Al-Jazeera Media institute a guide on social newsgathering and news verification.

What I am capable of


I write, re-write and proofread content, mainly in Arabic.


I can translate from Arabic to English and vice versa with the ability to deal with French as well.


I’m regionally accredited to verify user-generated content (UGC) and examine media content.

Companies I worked for