MEXP day 13: let’s kill it

After having a zombie day the day before, everyone figured out that there should be more work, more energy, and more passion to work on the projects more than the day before, that’s for sure.

So everyone slept good (you can tell from their enthusiasm on their faces, and they are just ready for that day, the second day of madaba. The good thing is that when we arrived to YWCA in madaba, it seems also that the participants themselves have a different character then yesterday, as the project creator said. So today was a mixture of good things that just came together to create a perfect environment to apply our projects.

The coordinator’s view

After our arrival, the first thing we did is putting some energizer to work before beginning, and soon after that the rest of the day was more or less similar to what was happening in the second days of MAFRAQ, projects continuing their work, giving it more pressure to excel in what they are doing.

the hard-working toons

The animation team “Cultural toon” started to work on the second phase of their project by recording the voices of the participants and then merging them with the photos and drawings of the participants. And the rest also kept on working on their project with the participants of madaba .

khaled interviwed by the national jordanian radio station

During the second day, there was something extra for the MEXPers, it was an exclusive interview for MEXP with the official radio station of Jordan, and after a small discussion, our own Khaled el-hajj was selected to represent MEXP on the air of Jordan, you can listen to the interview that has been done by clicking on the button below.

And by the end of the day, when we arrived to the dorms, guess what we found.. I said guess don’t wait for me ehhe…

any difference between the two?

Well it was a rat just waiting for us at the door of the dorms, but don’t be afraid, samer is here.. With two pieces of paper, he lifted the rat, and surely I took couple of photos for him hehe can’t get enough of photos, and the he done something with it.. and that was it

and of course the night won’t be so much cool and exciting without some good music and craziness and the end .


finally some quiet

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