Mexp day 11: off with saad and the moustaches!

As every step we make here in MEXP, an evaluation period has to be done in order make things go right and to fix the twist in our path to reach our goals.

Today after finishing the three days in al mafraq youth center, we had beautiful indoor day to discuss all that we have done and what we shall do for the upcoming days reaming in our trip to Jordan.

family photo

Before starting everything, we have done a small farewell gathering for our friend Saad Kadri (who was taking a flight back to Lebanon), and a gathering that can’t be ended unless there is a group hug.

spot saad

Just for change we moved our eating room into the meeting room, changed the decoration, and moved the tables, roses in front of everyone it was just a brand new room, with refreshment to our soul inspired by the change made to the room.

While having our yummyyy Brunch (breakfast+lunch), we had several nice things going on, such as writing “I’m proud of” and posting some sticky notes on the board.

Proud to be in MEXP

And we even had some time to write our opinion in mexp in overall and our experience in it, and I have to tell you that it was almost like the moment where we are leaving each other, and God! For a minute or so, some of our friends will be shedding some tears if it wasn’t for me, (superman) who saved it, and saved people from getting into a depression mood. (Happy me)

let’s express our self

Then a “famous” theater team created by us made an incredible small play where we tackled some issue we could discuss and have a debate on them, one of the famous actors were lawguita (female of lawge) did a nice performance that attract people to take picture with.

that lucky man 🙂

At the end of the day, we gone out to the souk of jarra, and spent the night there, at he had a small surprise from our own Cris and Neils, where they shaved their bears only leaving their moustache, starting a new trend of moustache domination trend. Long live the moustache trend. But will I be capable of doing it?

where did the beard go?

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