MEXP day 15: We wanna finish but we don’t wanna finish

Well it’s the first day of our evaluation, but this day had another flavor for all project creators and the coordinators, even that we had a special brunch just sitting or sleeping on our mattresses that we took from our bed, you could always feel that there is something going on inside the hall, and if you really focused on the eyes of some project creators, you could easily find some tears on the edge of each person’s eye.. we could almost smell the odor of good bye.

my name is farah and i..

During the day, Loise and I lunched an idea how we could let everyone be a part of the blog, (even if few people actually wanted to write something for the blog), so idea was that every person write a small paragraph about themselves, and then it would be posted on the blog..(wait for it soon).

the projects mixed, and all the problems fixed

Afterward we did some more evaluation for the team this time, yeah we played the role of Santa clause, which was bad and who was nice, and we even go into how each person’s progress thru mexp 2011. Then after a nick of time there was presentation of the groups, where every project group went up on stage and gave us amazing presentation by even a song or even a play or just standing there and telling us what happen (every dog has its day hehe).

Time was passing so fast that we reach a point where our beloved Morhaf & Satanay had to leave Mexp to go to Syria. What happened at the goodbye was more than normal goodbye, because that was is everyone is starting to leave. We all loved this team the “Cultural toon” team, but the good thing is they left us Abdallah to tease him, heheh kidding.

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  • الاء الشيخ يوسف July 20, 2011 at 10:15 pm

    الله يعطيكم العافية يارب وفرصه سعيدة للجميع

    وعنجد كان 3 ايام في المفرق كثير حلو معكم

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