Mexp Day 2: What’s your name again?!

Oh no what’s happening?! More blond girls and guys are starting to show up in the rooms beside us. Ah wait those were the Danish people we have been waiting for. Ok we still then have the two Egyptians missing from our group.

Just one hour before lunch, as we were starting to prepare our first wide meeting with all the project’s coordinators, the last two missing participants Hisham and Moe just arrived from Egypt, so it was a full house.

As every gathering, we started with some

“Ice Braking” games, we tried the “speed date” but it was too noisy and it was too fast to memorize the names, so whenever a person is in the middle of the conversation you could easily hear “what’s your name again?!”, so we tried another fun game (which I don’t know the name of it) where you have to tell your name with a special movement, in a case that the first letter of your name is the same as the first letter of the movement.. so it was fun! Jaguar Julie.. Elephant Elizabeth.. Master Moe… Smiley Sofie…Amazing Abed el-Rahman (ok that was a difficult name for the Danish so we used Abdo).. and yeah there was me also with Motor Mahmoud.

After that a small introduction about Mexp and what is it all about, then a brief historical review about Mexp 2010, blogging about Mexp 2011 (yeah it won’t be only me..too bad right?) and more and more interesting stuff..

Hours after lunch there was the cultural exhibition, where each country gave a little presentation about the country they came from.

The Jordanian Team

The Jordanian team were the first to come up to the stage with Samer and his team to talk about Jordan, the school, the do and don’t and all kind of questions even about the swimming pool and everything, after that a small round up question about Jordan and it’s nature and a small historical background.

The Syrian team

The Syrian team has previously made up a small man made up from a map of Syria, 4 straws, something for the head and everything and of course a small Syrian flag, in addition to that they also showed us an image rollup presentation about some touristic sites in Damascus and other places in Syria.

The Danish team

The Danish team transformed their presentation into a quiz game show, were you have to guess the answers about questions related to Denmark (how many pigs are in Denmark, what is the highest temperature ever recorded, can you guess our tax rates).. Don’t worry there were three choices to easy a bit the answering phase. And of course the Danish team can’t participate in a event without any kind of yummy stuff, so they brought us some strong Danish lickerish were some of the participants couldn’t stand the taste but come on at least they thought about us (how nice of them).

The Egyptian team

Moe from the Egyptian team was telling us his story on how he, as a Palestinian person, looooooooooooooooves Egypt, why? Mm just ask him to repeat his presentation heh and afterward Hisham showed us a presentation of some of the most interesting facts and public figure of Egypt.

The Lebanese team

Finally it was Lebanon’s turn, each member of the group explained a bit about a city in Lebanon with some Lebanese music jumping in between each city, ooohh it was marvelous job of the Lebanese team hehhe..

Fears & Hopes anyone?

Last session of the day was with the “Hopes & Fears” part where everyone expressed him/her self about what we hope it should be done during this period of time in Jordan and also about some of our fears more or less as worrying about stuff that should be paid attention at.

And of course with the arrival of all the team’s member it was dancing night till late morning, (caution.. some Danish belly dancing was included also ;> ).

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  • inass July 7, 2011 at 12:24 pm

    i likeeeeeeeeeeee it 😉

    • Ghazayel July 9, 2011 at 2:33 am

      thankks 🙂

  • Jameel Hadadeen Abo Rami July 18, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    love u all guys :))) really we had fun hope to c u soon again in madaba :DD

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