Mexp day 4: So that’s where we are going…

Have you ever experience a situation where you should deliver something but then you find out that you should be doing something else? I haven’t experienced that yet, and I hope you don’t either hehhe.

Well what happened is that at that day (the fourth day) there were some technical difficulties, but what the heck don’t worry we handled it pretty well. After all we are members of Mexp, right?

Small changes have been made to the path of the project but what I could say is that we are on the right track and plus more fun will be waiting for us.

I know I haven’t posted anything about the schedule, but finally after all what was happening backstage, here is the time table:

Wed 6

Thu 7

Fri 8

Sat 9

Boot camp

Social activities (tourism)

Sun 10

Mon 11

Tue 12

Wed 13

Projects in SCHNELLER school

Projects in AL-MAFRAG

Thu 14

Fri 15

Sat 16

Sun 17

Projects in AL-MAFRAG

Day off!! 🙂

Projects in MADABA

Mon 18

Tue 19

Wed 20

Thu 21

Projects in MADABA


Eval+ Party

Good bye kiss!!

Happiness after finishing the time-table

After having this problem solved we turned into something also important in every camp or gathering which is putting some rules, nooooo not restriction, but more like a guide book for our stay. No don’t say “aahh, now you remembered that?”, because in every place, you can’t put rules on something you haven’t experienced it, so 3 days before were the best timing put make it more clear about the do and don’t.

So every team suggested some rules and punishment (yeahh punishment, “I’m the law”). The wrap up of this session was a signed contract as following:

where do i sign?

You have to

If not you have to

Be on time

You will get a dot on your face for every minute late

Clean up after yourself

Clean up after having a meal

Speak english

Count from 1 to 10 in danish for arabes, in arabic for danes.

Pay attention in meetings

Give a friend a two minute massage

Respect the dorms

Go to a meal with your eyes closed

Riema .. waiting to punish

Aaaahh yes, very hard punishments, so hard the project coordinator after signing the agreement started to do the third punishment by learning how to count in another language that they know.


The third section of this day was the introduction of “How to evaluate” methods by our lovely ladies Elizabeth and Riema (it’s rima or reema but I don’t know why she write it like that). The first method was by doing a chart that the participants will fill it by pointing out the times where they were excited and other times where they was bored.

Elizabeth = Evaluate

The second method was “KAD” (yeah there is a word in danish like that but it’s with a C instead of K) and KAD is an acronym of “Keep, Add, Drop”. The hamburger method where you have the “good stuff” as bread and the “could be better” in the middle. The third method is doing a table of “feeling, observation, advice, interpretation. And just to see if we were paying attention to these stuff (no we were really paying attention.. really!) we have tried the “KAD” method, and some of the results were amazing, such as:

Keep: the fruits at lunch, parties, good food,serving the water melon, water and coffee.

Add: Turkish coffee, soap, tourism, more WiFi service, more toilet paper (HUH!), more sleep.

Drop: Mosquitoes, dots on the face, the outside donkey’s “Good morning” voice.

Yeahh, see? Very productive ideas hehe..AAHH, well what matters is that we got the idea of what evaluation is all about.

And that was it for the day, why? Because we had some free after-noon time, to go to the pool and swim or to do something else.. shhhh.. I won’t tell you where I was. Hihihi

originally posted on Mexp’s blog