Mexp day 6: Fun is our middle name

WE WANNA SLEEP, but we are also excited to start our projects, YES! it’s our big day.

And to make it more challenging, the projects started at 9:00 that mean waking up earlier for it, but don’t worry, we were up to it :> .

Because we are the unusual team, we had to do something unusual. Hisham gave out a small intro where he has acting like a hard-ass professor, telling the participants that they will have to pay attention to the projects because there will be an exam waiting for them at the end of the day. AAHHH EXAAMMSS! And then at the right moment, everyone jumped around, started to sing and shout out loud, so the participants were surprised of what was happening. Yeah it was fun 🙂

Giving orders with a smile
Giving orders with a smile

After that the real introducers, Elizabeth and Samer briefed to the participants about what will happen today telling them that we will apply half of the projects today (3) and the other half (3) tomorrow, and like that, Mexp’s project began.

gather around for the "fragrance of the city" project
gather around for the “fragrance of the city” project

At the end of the projects, we sat down to have a group lunch altogether and each group went up to the stage to present what they had been working on. The first project was “The fragrance of the city” where some of the talents were discovered concerning writing and drawing, and it was unanimously voted that some of the talents will be pushed further with the help of Mexp by helping these young talents in creating for them a blog on the internet to publish all their work they are producing.

The winner of the best "AAEA" project
The winner of the best “AAEA” project
The second winner :)
The second winner 🙂

The next project was “Art Art Envo Art”, where amazing work was done to transform what we call “trash” into some magnificent master pieces concentrating on the idea of recycling whatever our hands can reach in our homes.

Theater & Dabkeh group
Theater & Dabkeh group

The last project was the “Theater & Dabkeh”, that gave us a small theater play earlier during lunch that was based on conflict resolution and if you had to jump in or not to solve a problem that is happening in front of you.

Jordanese (Jordan + Lebanese) dabkeh
Jordanese (Jordan + Lebanese) dabkeh

And at the end we had a “Dabkeh” challenge between Jordanian girls and Lebanese girls, and when “Dabkeh” occurs the music will flow into each person hearing it making all the participants and project coordinator grab each other’s hand and danced “Dabkeh”.

Don’t forget that tomorrow 3 new projects will start, so stay tuned :> .

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