Mexp day 5: It’s family day.. yeey

Imagine one family with 44 people in it, are you imaging it? OK now imagine this same family going on a trip and having a good family day. A mess? Well no it doesn’t have to be like that, especially if you are a MEXPer .. woohooo

As I mention in yesterday’s blog post, today was the “social activity” day. Remember the 44 family members I mentioned before?

Well that was us going from place to place in Jordan.

inside the citadel of Amman

Our first stop was at the magnificent “Amman Citadel” in the area of “Castle Mountain” with an amazing view beside it, the usual entrance fee, if anyone is interested, 2 Jordanian Dinars for non-Jordanians. And what could I say more than it was photography time with every stone we could find there.

some old military clothes

Afterwards we entered the “Jordan archaeological museum” inside the citadel that was filled from everything you could imagine of old historical Jordanian stuff. (It was not allowed to take photos, but I only noticed the sign on my way out… sorry).

sofie and hussein

Once I’ve met my Jordanian ancestors – same family but not so much related 🙂 – we moved all the way to “Irak Al-Amir” to sit down and have lunch on a small river there, the Jordanians told us it has no name, but what I can tell you that it was nice place well except the very very warm weather, but what chilled us a bit is by putting our feet inside the water.


Everybody at that place just got so close that you could almost really feel as we were a real family having some good time outside our usual residence, even we got to a certain point where people who were already there – at the river- started to mingle with us more and more, and yeah they even asked Morhaf Youssef to do a drawing of a lady that was sitting beside us and all in the name of Mexp. What do you think of that good spirit?

it’s Mustafa drwaing

d of course because we are that good in having fun everywhere we go, Dabkeh is always there to entertain us, and guess what! Some Danes are catching up with the steps and getting really good. Round of applause.

let’s dance Dabkheh

And when you start to think that the day is over, think again because the night is still young – brouhaha- Martin, Chris, and Niels amazed us with themselves wearing the traditional Jordanian clothes, turning them from ordinary Danish people into photography hotspots which made Hesham jealous, so jealous that he ran upstairs to his room and wore the traditional Egyptian cloth also. (boys are boys).

The arabic foreigners

The second surprise was that the “Theater & Dabkeh” project coordinators invited all of us into a small interactive play where at the end we all did what?? Of course everyone danced Dabkeh.

And one more thing before going to bed, a last meeting before the day we start the projects, bits of words, and a good luck wrap-up phrase. And that’s it, tomorrow it’s MEXP IN ACTION.

final meeting before the big date

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  • inass July 11, 2011 at 8:34 am

    ma te7kooooooooooooooo ma3i 🙁 cz nsitouni w mish 3am te7kouni :((

    2ayemoooo l theateeeer ya hasssouuuuuuuuun 😉

  • inass July 11, 2011 at 8:35 am

    and it’s family day kamein nesitouni zeyadi 🙁

    • Ghazayel July 14, 2011 at 8:19 pm

      we are always beside you

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