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Verifying video – how to spot the fakes

The use of eyewitness video sourced from social media is crucial for the modern news organisation. However, before using any video sourced from the internet, news organisations and journalists must place emphasis on verifying this content. This applies equally to all content that a journalist wants to use in their reporting – from videos of…

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من يتحمّل مسؤولية أخبار كورونا المغلوطة في لبنان؟

غياب التنظيم الإعلامي للتعامل مع كورونا ساهم في تعزيز انتشار الأخبار غير الصحيحة المتعلقة بالفيروس، لا بل ساهم في استغلال الأمر للتصويب السياسي بدلاً من العمل على توحيد الجهود.

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A gargantuan anti-vax movement killing Muslim countries with Fake News

It is no secret that internet users have been tackling the problem of the anti-vaccination crowd in the United States, with a lot of articles and memes, to prevent the come back of dangerous diseases spread by the blind trust of fake news. Nonetheless, the fight against the alleged link between autism and vaccines, that…

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