For the first sight the only thing you can say is, what a big expression despite of the few number of words.

It is now the fourth day of attacks, the attack of the israeli force on the small harmful Lebanon, after 4 days with no pause or stop whatsoever of bombing not only the “Hezbollah regions” in cities and town but also on the unarmed civilians and infrastructures of Lebanon.

Now if I want to say supposedly that Hezbollah is the one to blame than why Lebanon all Lebanon from top to bottom have to suffer
Airports, Seaports, Bridges, Roads, Telecom, Antenna, TV & Radio Stations, Fuel Stations, Electric center, Civilian’s buildings.

15 to 20 years of re-building more than 70%. All Lebanon is falling down into rubble in a matter of days,
First started from the deep south and in one day it reached my house that is far far from the conflict zone but now all Lebanon is the conflict area itself.

My friends, God help them wherever they are,
Well my friends are from all around Lebanon; South, Beirut, North, East, all of Lebanon.
On what do I worry about; my friends, my family, my house, my country my…my…
Everyday I’m trying to have a connection with them to hear their voices or just to send them an SMS to check up on them OH DEAR!!
Today, Batoul, one my friend just left her house and escaped to get away from the missiles and gun shots coming from the israeli aircrafts and from the israeli marine forces. She and her family left their house, memories and went to a new area a safer place.
Less power, less food, less water this is how we are living now.
There is more and more to say if it where on the massacre one after the other, or the sence of buildings and bridges being hit or what about hearing 24 hours the sound of army aircrafts…
The only thing I could say, I wish that this terrible thing ends soon,
Hopefully also that the world nations’ will unite to help us if not at least the arab world.

Originally posted on Deviantart’s journals